Javier Torras Casas

Javier Torras Casas, born in Spain in 1990, is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores personal narratives in space through traditional fine art media. His investigations evolve around notions of escape, nostalgia, physicality, mindfulness and the sense of loss, responding to personal attempts to find meaning in human existence by inhabiting spaces. Working with painting, drawing, printing and installations is part of Javier’s thinking process whereby shapes, colours and forms drawn from observations allow him to build connections to the spaces he lives and works in, transcending them through spiritually and culturally inherited values. 

A graduate of MA Painting, University of the Arts London (2016), and MRes Fine Art, Royal College of Art (2019). He has been awarded residencies such as Radical Residency (London, 2018) and High House Residency (Norfolk, 2021). He has exhibited in several galleries, including Charlie Smith London, Unit 1 Gallery (London), Blyth Gallery (London), Lewisham Arthouse (London) and Prenzlauer Studio Space (Berlin).