It’s time to burst the art education bubble. Elephant Academy is a forward-thinking, alternative art education framework for people whose creative ambitions require a nurturing system that fits somewhere between traditional educational structures and video-led learning.

Our online courses provide expert-led training in the technical processes, using premium materials, that are the foundation of any artist’s practice, stripped of the archaic systematic boundaries that have come to define conventional learning.

Professional artist tutors will provide an education rooted in practice and application in an environment that is nurturing, encouraging, non-competitive and non-judgemental. As well as group classes, future artists will receive weekly one-to-one tutorials on courses of six weeks or longer

Taught as live, interactive, online classes, Elephant Academy’s courses have been designed to be accessible to any future artist, regardless of existing knowledge, location, age or identity. The premium art materials required for the course are included in the fee, and are delivered directly to your door.

Online participation means our students will be sharing their experience with a diverse group of peers, building a community based on a mutual desire to learn and create.

Elephant Academy courses do not exist to define the path of future artists, but to provide them with the same technical understanding of colour, processes and materials that have been used by artists of all mediums and movements throughout history to develop their own unique style, identity and voice.

The variety of course themes and experience levels available to choose from allow future artists to build a bespoke art education tailored to their own wants and ambitions.

Access to the professional art world can feel restricted and only possible via specific, traditional educational processes. In order to demystify the transition from student to professional, Elephant Academy  offers additional courses that specifically focus on how to communicate and engage with industry professionals and media through both digital and offline communication.