Michal Raz
Michal Raz (born Jerusalem) is a London based artist. In 2013 she completed her B.A. at Hamidrasha School of Art and Education in Israel, and her MFA in 2018 at the Slade School of Fine Art London. Her work has been exhibited in Israel, UK, Europe, India and Ecuador including the Weizmann Institute of Science Art Gallery and the Mane Katz Museum of Contemporary Art, Fold Gallery in London and Tao Gallery in Mumbai.  Michal’s’ works are based on the principle or Layering; providing both its method and its theoretical framework. Layering proceeds by augmenting that which lies beneath, whilst simultaneously erasing it. Thus, a finished work is a series of traces in which one can glimpse vestiges of pop cultural imagery, the austerity of high modernism, gestural painting, and kitsch decoration; each strata vying for our attention. Such a process relies on construction, destruction, deconstruction and reconstruction as the final state of the image is wrestled from conflicting elements. 

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