Miranda Dobson


Miranda Dobson is an artist and maker based in South London. Miranda shares how she transformed her relationship with her reflection from one of pain into one of peace, by upcycling her mirror into a tropical garden-inspired artwork. 

Having overcome struggles with disordered eating and body image, Miranda encourages self-acceptance and body neutrality through nature paintings and by transforming the mirror from a tool of self-criticism into a piece of wildlife-inspired art. 

Miranda creates leafy acrylic paintings and upcycles mirror frames from second-hand, recycled and off-cut wood, into bold colourful designs. Sustainability is at the core of Miranda’s work. Each painting is created on recycled paper, and each mirror is lovingly hand-painted using ethically-sourced materials that have been saved from landfill. 

Miranda’s work is a joyful reminder that no matter who you are or what you look like - you are enough.