Abstract acrylic painting

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What you will get from taking this online course: 

  • An understanding of the history of abstract painting and important moments in the progression of abstract art such as Abstract Expressionism, the Geometric Abstract movement and Malevich’s Black Square 
  • Knowledge of the technical aspects of abstract painting such as perceiving form, using mediums, painting with tape, as well as selecting colour and creating movement and composition 
  • An exploration of a variety of abstract painting techniques such as gestural brush strokes, expressive mark-making, splattering and pouring paint  
  • Encouragement to connect with your emotions and express them through the creative process 
  • Elephant Academy Technique Takeaway: learn the significance of abstract painting in art history 


This 3-week course will be held on Wednesday 16 and 23 February and 2 March 2022. Classes will be held each week from 7.00pm to 9pm (BST) and are suitable for students of intermediate or advanced abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome. 

When we create an abstract painting, we are required to let go of our automatic need for narrative and coherency. We are invited to be involved in a different way, imaginative, playful, and free of prefixed conceptions. In this three-week course, tutor Michal Raz will introduce students to the origins of abstract painting, exploring how realistic images can be deconstructed into lines and shapes. Students will study examples by significant abstract artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Lee Krasner, Mark Rothko, Bridget Riley and Kazimir Malevich. Through a variety of warm-up exercises, students will learn how to work with acrylic paint on abstract subjects, exploring how to combine colour, gestural painting, layering and a variety of mark-making techniques. 

Abstract Expressionism is about the language of emotions. Through diverse styles and techniques, Michal will expound the significance of Abstract Expressionism as a non-art movement and teach students how to express their emotions through abstract painting. By the end of the course, students will create a painting with emphasise on spontaneity, personal expression, and the liberty to manifest emotions through gestures, brush strokes and other nonrepresentational means. 

 This online Zoom workshop is taught by Michal Raz @michalraz    

Material bundle includes:

Additional materials:

  • HB pencils
  • Water
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cloth
  • Old/ plastic cutlery and kitchen tools such as forks, spoons, spatulas etc.
  • Sponge
  • Plastic card (an old credit card or loyalty card is suitable)