Animation workshop

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What you will get from taking this online workshop: 

  • Knowledge of the basics of frame-by-frame traditional collage animation skills 
  • An understanding of what makes a character and how to apply this to your animation 
  • The chance to play around with free animation resources that are easily accessible 
  • A lesson in how to use a range of materials to create an interesting, layered moving image. 

This workshop is held on Wednesday 16 February 2022, from 7.00pm to 9pm (BST) and is suitable for students of all abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome. 

This workshop is a beginner level look at animation, using accessible free apps to create your own paper cut stop motion animations at home. 

Maisy Summer and Sarah Wilson will introduce the session with examples of their work within animation, and will be showing samples of the type of work that can be achieved within the session, and beyond if you wish to continue experimenting on your own. 

They will be creating figurative paper-cut assets using a range of mixed media tools for this session from reference material, which will then be animated using the Stop Motion Studio app (android and iPhone). This course is suitable for a range of abilities, and is ideal for beginners who are interested in animation. 

Taught by Small Fry Collective 

Please download the Stop Motion Studio app before the session 

Materials bundle includes: