From observational painting to abstraction with acrylic

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What you will get from taking this online course:    

  • Lessons in different acrylic painting techniques  
  • Knowledge of how to paint from observation and see beyond the object, including a representational and observational approach 
  • An understanding of how to incorporate drawing, gestural, and abstract marks with acrylic paint  
  • Confidence in your vision when it comes to painting different objects  
  • Elephant Academy Technique Takeaway: learn how to paint from different observational perspectives 

This course will be held on Wednesday 9, 16 and 23 March. Classes will be held each week from 7.00pm to 9pm (GMT) and are suitable for beginners and intermediate students. Students outside the UK are welcome. 

Over this three-week course, artist Goia Mujalli will show you how to set yourself free in the process of acrylic painting. In the first class, students will be introduced to the acrylic medium and taught how to paint with the formal techniques of painting, with variations of mediums, textures, transparencies, and mark-making. In the second class, students will learn how to paint from representation by observing a photograph of a plant from different perspectives. Following this, in the third class, students will focus on observational painting and discover how to deconstruct space and achieve abstraction.  

Students will choose a plant as their focus object for the course (photographs of plants are also welcome). Each student will research the origin and migration of that plant and bring it to the workshop. In each class, Goia will provide an historical overview of past and present artists who utilise botanical references in their work as well as different perspectives and ways of seeing. Students will then be led in painting group sessions under the guidance of Goia and apply their learned contextual and technical knowledge to their own acrylic painting. By the end of the course, students will have learnt how to deconstruct a space from observational painting to abstraction.   

This online Zoom workshop is taught by Goia Mujalli @goiamujalli  

Materials bundle includes:

Additional materials you will need:  

  • Reeves Cotton Canvas  
  • Water  
  • A4 Sketch pad  
  • Palette knife  
  • HB or 2B pencils  
  • Surface for mixing paint e.g. plastic lid from food package such as yoghurt or houmous 
  • Small plant (or photograph of a small plant)