Introduction to illustration with gouache & pastel

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What you will get from taking this online workshop: 

  • The ability to identify the key themes used within illustration and apply them to a final piece 
  • The knowledge of how to utilise a range of materials to create a mixed-media outcome 
  • The basics of how to start out as an illustrator 

Taught by Small Fry Collective 

This workshop is held on Monday 7 February 2022, from 7.00pm to 9pm (BST) and is suitable for students of all abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome. 

This workshop is a stand-alone beginner level look at illustration, but can also feed into the 6-week illustration course if you’re looking for a head start and want to develop your work more over a longer period of time! 

Maisy Summer and Sarah Wilson will introduce the session with examples of their work as practising illustrators, and will discuss the different types of themes that can be found within illustration. They will explore illustration using a combination of materials, and discussing how to create individual assets which will make up one final piece. This course is suitable for a range of abilities, and is ideal for beginners who are interested in illustration and developing a visual language. They will be identifying the most popular themes within illustration and building assets around these themes, which will then make up the outcome in the final half of the session. 

Material bundle includes: