Introduction to soft pastels: the ‘still’ and ‘moving’ city 

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What you will get from taking this online class:   

  • An introduction to soft pastels and their qualities (remove: through various sets of drawings) 
  • Learn how to develop personalised mark making techniques and colour schemes unique to you 
  • How to explore and identify the differences between a still and a moving image, with advice on how our techniques and approaches will change according to this. How can we enhance and strengthen these differences in a personal way? 
  • Elephant Academy technique takeaway: how to create movement in your artwork 

This workshop is held on Thursday 24 February from 7.00pm to 9pm (BST) and is suitable for students of beginner and intermediate abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome! 

This workshop will provide an introduction to soft pastels with a focus on mark-making and colour. We will draw from a ‘still’ image of an urban cityscape and then draw from the same cityscape in movement (video). We will explore the differences in our use of soft pastels and how we can manipulate the material to suit (remove: of) different needs, changing our approach and how we handle our materials. 

We will start this workshop with a general introduction of the materials and set up. We’ll move on to making a reference page focusing on mark making and test out different colour schemes before we work on the ‘still cityscape’ for a longer period. We will then discover how to create multiple drawings of the same cityscape in movement and explore the changes within our approach and how we handle our materials. 

This online Zoom workshop is taught by Tezz Kamoen @tezz_kamoen 

Materials bundle includes: 

Additional materials you will need: 

  • Rubber 
  • Fixative spray
  • Different types of paper 
  • Charcoal 
  • Masking tape