Landscape acrylic painting

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What you will get from taking this online course:

  • An exploration of specialist techniques of acrylic painting
  • Confidence in painting from landscape references
  • An understanding of the tools used for acrylic painting such as brushes, palette knives and surfaces
  • Practising new painting skills in a relaxing and supportive environment
  • Elephant Academy Technique Takeaway: knowledge of how to paint from landscape settings

This course will begin on Monday 7 March 2022 and run on every Monday for six weeks. Classes will be held each week from 6.30pm to 9:00pm and are suitable for students of beginner and intermediate levels. Students outside the UK are welcome!

Explore the techniques of acrylic in this six-week course on landscape painting. Join artist Liane Lang in a weekly session to develop your acrylic painting techniques in a fun and supportive environment. In each class, Liane will guide you through visual examples of the history of landscape painting, from the romantic to the revolutionary and teach you how to create your own landscape compositions. You will be taught how to use the tools of acrylic painting such as canvases, palette knives, brushes, and paints and how to apply them to the landscape genre. Liane will also focus on key acrylic painting skills and teach you how to create composition, perspective, shape, tone, depth, and colour. In each class you will have the chance to discuss and compare your work with fellow students and follow up any discussions after class on a special group discussion page. By the end of the course, you will have practical knowledge of how to work with acrylics and understand the significance of landscape painting.

This online Zoom course is taught by Liane Lang @lianelangstudio

Materials bundle includes:

  • Reeves Cotton Canvas – A4
  • Reeves Cotton Canvas – A3
  • Winsor & Newton  Tear-Off Palette 23 x 31 cm
  • Winsor & Newton Foundation Acrylic Brush – Short Handle – 6 Pack
  • Winsor & Newton Palette Knife No. 4, 3in
  • Liquitex Brushes Extra Big 2 Pack
  • Conté À Paris Graphite 2b Sketching Pencil
  • Elephant Essential Acrylic Artist Paint Set, 21ml tubes set of 20

Additional materials:

  • Paper pad