Learning to draw animals with pencil

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What you will get from taking this online class:  

  • Learn how to draw a red squirrel, using measuring and shapes to achieve accurate proportions by drawing a red squirrel 
  • Experiment with coloured pencils and mark making, bringing new diversity of lines to your work  
  • Understand how to use coloured pencils effectively using layers and glazing to create unlimited colour combinations and the best colour matches 
  • Successfully be able to colour fur and create texture
  • Elephant Academy technique takeaway: how to create the texture of fur 

This workshop is held on Monday 31 January 2022 from 7.00pm to 9pm (BST). It is suitable for students of all abilities and no previous experience of drawing is required. Students outside the UK are welcome!

All creatures great and small are so much fun to draw and colour! Taking inspiration from nature, learn how to capture the gorgeous fur of a red squirrel in this workshop.  
 We will cover everything from how to sketch out the red squirrel to adding in those last details that make it pop! You will come away with a realistic style red squirrel and a whole bundle of inspiration and knowledge about coloured pencils and creating the realistic texture of an animal’s coat. 

This online Zoom workshop is taught by Charlotte Baker @charbakerart

Materials bundle includes:

Additional materials you will need:

  • HB pencil  
  • Putty eraser and/or normal eraser 
  • Pencil sharpener