Meditative nature painting with acrylic

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What you will get from taking this online class:

  • Discover how a guided nature meditation will prepare for your practice 
  • Learn and explore different acrylic paint techniques 
  • Learn to draw a variety of leaf shapes 
  • Learn how to make stencils from paper and how to use them with acrylic paints  
  • Gain an understanding of form in nature to translate into your own work 
  • Elephant Academy technique takeaway: learn to draw a variety of leaf and botanical shapes 

This course is held on Wednesday 9 March 2022 from 7.00pm to 9pm (GMT) and is suitable for students of all abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome!

Connect with nature through your artistic practice in a soothing and mindful painting workshop. Join this calm and meditative session to focus on forms from the natural world, and learn to use acrylic paints to create your own leafy work of art.  

This online Zoom workshop is taught by Miranda Dobson @_mirandadesigns

Materials bundle includes:

Additional materials you will need:

  • Craft knife 
  • HB pencils 
  • Scrap paper 
  • Masking tape 
  • Water