Pet portraiture: Learn to draw a dog with pencil – materials included


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This bundle includes a 36-pack of coloured pencils and a paper pad, valued at £11. If you wish to purchase the class without materials click here.

Whether you’re a dog lover, want to develop your drawing skills or looking to try a unique, artistic activity, learn how to draw a dog in a relaxed, friendly, and encouraging environment. We will explore the visual composition of a dog, learning how to draw features such as fur, faces and different breeds in a non-photorealistic style. Using specialist colouring pencils and paper from Reeves, create your very own dog design from the comfort of your home!

This course is suitable for all abilities and a pet is not essential to take part. If you do not have a furry friend, simply bring a reference image of your choice to draw.

This course is held on Thursday 28th October – 7.00pm – 9pm (BST). Students outside the UK are welcome!


What you will achieve from taking this class:

  • Learn a variety of mark-making techniques, quick methods of sketching, shading and line that will become familiar and you will be able to apply them self-sufficiently.
  • Successfully create one single colour drawing and one multi-colour drawing of dog over the course of the class.
  • Identify the technical properties of coloured pencils.
  • Understand correct proportions and linear perspective when drawing dogs.
  • Be able to reflect upon significance of colour palette in a multi-coloured drawing.



Included in this class bundle is a Reeves 36-pack of coloured pencils and Reeves A5 paper pad delivered directly to your door, valued at £11. If you already have the materials you can order a class without materials here.


Taught by Kitty Forbes – @kittydrawsdogs


Online Zoom Workshop.


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