Uncovering a personal landscape with mixed media

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What you will get from taking this online class:   

  • Explore different surfaces (and how to prepare them) as the basis for paintings 
  • Understand colour and how to mix it 
  • Incorporate your own thoughts/ideas into your work 
  • Discover artists from the past and present 
  • Elephant Academy technique takeaway: create your own landscape painting 

This workshop is held on Monday 21 February from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (GMT) and is suitable for students of intermediate abilities. Students outside the UK are welcome! 

Discover new skills while making unique and individual works in this painting workshop with artist Luke Skiffington. Over the course of this two hour workshop, Luke will guide you through how to choose and prepare different surfaces for work, using acrylic paint and mix media to produce a landscape painting. You’ll learn and develop different techniques, including priming a surface, intuitive mark making, blending and glazing acrylic/watercolour/gouache paints. Through demonstrations and discussion Luke will introduce different approaches to making a landscape painting, with examples of artists from the past and present. 

This online Zoom workshop is taught by Luke Skiffington @luke_skiffington 

Materials bundle includes: 

Additional materials you will need: 

  • Palette knives 
  • Palette (glass or plastic) 
  • Pencils/drawing materials 
  • Other brushes 
  • Other paints, watercolour and/or gouache – see here for additional paints
  • Masking tape  
  • Jars for water or mixing larger amounts of colour