Mixed Media Shop Front Illustration workshop with Maisy Summer


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Wednesday September 29, 6.30pm – 9pm (BST).

In this workshop will explore drawing a shop front scene using a combination of materials and techniques. We shall create layers of texture & details with a mix of gouache, pastels, graphite pencils. As well as incorporating a technique of paper cutting, letting our drawings evolve from this handcrafted process.  

We will work through a series of different exercises at the start of the workshop to get you comfortable using the mix of the materials, as well your observational skills. There will be reference material & fun drawing prompts to encourage drawing, play and experimentation. We will then take methods we have learnt at the beginning and apply it to a final piece, considering colour palette, shapes and texture. 

 Workshop  Outcomes

  • Experiment using a combination of materials and techniques to build up texture and details 
  • Develop your observational drawing skills 
  • Successfully produce a final illustration using a range of materials, mark making & techniques. 

Supported by Winsor & Newton.

Materials worth £70 included.

If you would like to participate but already have the materials, use the discount code ‘COURSEONLY’ for 25% off and you will receive access to the course.



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